What kind of student were you?


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1, 2 and 4 was my whole schooling life in a nutshell. I was always a great student with good marks but then I had my days when I couldn't be bothered so I would just muck about in the classrooms with my friends.


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I usually followed the rules so I was never in detention but I liked to talk to my class mates when I could get away with it. Some classes my grades were good and others they were bad but not so bad I ever had to take a class over.


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I was Most Intellectual and Most Versital in my high school years. I was also band queen, head flag girl, and assistant drum major. I went to Jr. College and received the Dean's Honor roll distinction, then I attended the last two years of my BBA to end up with a 3.5 overall GPA. I guess you would say school was a breeze for me. Real life, on the other hand, has been a pain.
For a while, I was the class clown.

My grades in the seventh grade were pretty good, as I earned mostly A's and B's.

However, in high school, my grades were so-so at best, although I never failed any of the classes I took and never had to repeat a grade.


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I had a complicated childhood, but as far as school went I was both a good and a bad student. I wasn't able to get my homework done pretty much ever because of chores etc, but thankfully I'm really smart so getting full marks on all the tests and any of the in class stuff, I managed to pull off high marks even in highschool. Fucked me up for university though. Would have been great to have known back then to have good habits.


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I did all my work but I rushed most of it.

I hated going to class but I did it.

I learned that if I sat in the front of the classroom teachers tended to be more forgiving in participation grading.

Grades were good ALMOST all the time. Math and Spanish were sometimes a struggle. I lucked out because I’m naturally good at English and Science. History is something I would study in my personal life.

I ended up being loved by most of my teachers because I was respectful.

In college I was actually a very good student. I posted 150 credit hours in 5 years. Graduated with 3.8-3.9 GPA.


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Class clown. Excellent student when I applied myself but unfortunately I spent 3 years in English schools where they made you work hard. I had subjects at 10 I never even had in US high school. 3 Years of English schools (passing is 50%, 75% meant you were a genius, 100% meant you cheated and they beat you.) The would ask questions you couldn't possibly answer because it made you think.

Upon returning to the US at age 12, I rarely needed to study to get a passing grade. All I had to do was pay a slight amount of attention in class.

A lot of my issue with US schools are boredom. Bad teachers or incredibly boring subjects. In England, I went through thousands of years of world history in a semester. In the US we spent a year on the Industrial Revolution or some similar facet of American history that was fairly boring and taught by droning teachers who made it worse.

I love to read and read voraciously - all kinds of books. I love fiction and science fiction but love history and biographies - I'm currently reading Jackie Chan's autobiography. I find the more I read, the more I want to read and reading one books usually leads to a half a dozen others.

However, despite my intelligence, I tend to spew and endless amount of silly commentary and cannot seem to stop my mouth from offering up the ridiculous things my brain comes up with. I find myself often as surprised by others by what comes out of my mouth.