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what kind of online game you like most??


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Myth war online is my favorite online game. what about yours?


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i like play FFXI the most and always lack CD key . before i went to igfire.com ,but i can`t open the site at present.
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of course ,my fav game is World of Warcraft Gold.now ,i am level 60,and have very much golds.i feel very happy.i always view some experience at
warcraftgolds.com i think you can.


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WoW for me aswell. Counter strike is fun aswell but i dont like it how you die and have to wait AGES it makes me angry:mad:


New Member
i love counter strike and WoW, but my computer doesnt run them. So i play mmorpg's - like KingsOfChaos and HighDescent. I am new to highdescent but its good fun. I smashed kingsofchaos and gave up on it. If anyone needs help at KoC just contact me.


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First person shooters are my favorite types of games, although one of my all time favorite games is Mario 64, which is a platform/adventure game. (Who hasn't played that game these days though besides little kids..)

I also HIGHLY enjoyed the new Splinter Cell games, but FPS still is my favorite genre.


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Online: Halo
Single player: survival horror like RE and SH


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Mostly just Halo 2, to be honest.


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Halo 2 and Ghost Recon are pretty much the only games I ever played online.


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Hmmm...I guess racing (such as Mario Kart DS,) or fighting (SSBB online, woo!) :nod: