What kind of monitor do you have?


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It's a pretty simple question, what kind of monitor do you have?

For me I have a 19" LCD widescreen ACER monitor (it has some really dumb speakers built into it that I don't use because they're horrible quality), nothing super fancy but the picture is really good, especially when stacked with my video card.

What does everyone else have?
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both of you forgot to mention how large it is so I'll ask.

What's the screen size?, if you don't know just measure from the bottom left corner to the top right corner with a measuring tape so that you measure diagonally from one corner to another just in case you didn't know that.

also forgot to mention if it's CRT or LCD though on an imac it's obviously LCD.
Also mention if it's widescreen or not.

if that's not too much to ask...:D:lol:

so here we go

tell brand
tell screen size
tell CRT or LCD
Tell if it's widescreen of fullscreen



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Well at work I have a nice shiny new 19" Dell LCD fullscreen that came with my new system.

At home I have an old 17" IBM CRT which has lasted me many, many, MANY years and still is going strong. I need to get a LCD there though because this ones sweet. I had a CRT at work before this one at 17" too, a Dell as well.
Big box 21'. I love it for PC games, though, it's a sore on the eyes if you browse any pages with bright white background. =P