What kind of digital camera is this?

The kind that I want? Maybe he edited it after the fact...the audio that is. I dont know what kind of camera get that wonderful video.


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I messaged him like a few weeks ago asking if it was a digital, and he said "yeah", and he never answered any messages since. But the audio is so beautiful.


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Seeing that video reminds me why I hate Coheed and Cambria.

Also, it's just a really expensive point and shoot. Or maybe he really meant a recorder. My buddy calls his camcorder a digital camera.


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I'm fairly certain it is a camcorder, not digital camera, but most likey just a consumer camcorder in the 4-600 dollar range.


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Coheed doesn't suck live, I saw them in May and they were amazing. I don't know why so many people put them down, Claudio is such a great guy.

He finally answered my message and said it is a Sony DSC-H50.