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What Kind of Computer Do You Have?

What type of computer do you have?

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It's pretty self explanatory, this thread is for posting what kind of computer you have.

Most of the time a computer has a specific make, unless you got your computer custom made.

This should get pretty interesting to see what everyones preferences are and which companies they trst to make a quality computer.

I myself go for custom built, since it's not all that hard, you just have to know what you're doing.
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Mines custom built because I intended it to be a mid-end gaming computer back in 2006. The Nvidia 6800GT idea never came through. So it's now just a normal everyday use computer.


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Mine is a top of the line custom built gaming/design rig.

And its a monster of a rig as well.


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wow, many more custom builts then i would have imagined.

who voted gateway?


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I'm also pleasantly surprised by the number of custom rigs in proportion to premade computers.

I personally use a MacBook Pro 2.4 ghz. Awesomest thing ever. I guess i mostly use it for school work and, occasionally, the Sims 2.


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I have a Dell and I have to say it's quite awesome. Not to mention, they have some amazing tech support.


iBook G4 running OSX Leopard
i love it :)
even though its super-laggy.


Food Whore
I have a Dell and I have to say it's quite awesome. Not to mention, they have some amazing tech support.
until you call on the weekend/afternoon, and you end up getting someone from India. Hell, i once got someone from EGYPT on tech support... (she told me to leave my computer off for a few days, while they somehow ran tests on it)


living on the border