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What kind of car do you drive?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I have a 2017 Mazda three. I recently had to buy a new car because someone drove into my car when I was at a stop sign. I'm enjoying my new car, but I won't be enjoying the car payments for another six years. I had just finished off paying my old car in May 2016.

My car is also automatic. Can't drive standard.

How about you guys?


Registered Member
I have a 2006 Saab 9-3 that I've had since 2010. The car is great to drive with a V6 turbo, but the fuel economy is not the greatest and as the car ages the repairs are starting to add up. Saab itself doesn't exist so the parts network is somewhat tenuous at times, but my mechanics are Saab specialists so I trust them to work on the car and they are pretty resourceful at getting the parts. I also cannot drive standard.


Registered Member
We own a 2015 Toyota Tacoma, Access Cab, 4WD. It's a darn nice rig. Bought it used in May 2016 - had less than 10,000 miles on it. Bought it in Medford, Oregon and then drove it up here to Fairbanks, Alaska. Drove around the Medford/Ashland area for a couple of days to make sure that it had no problems and then spent several days driving north, stopping and spending some time at a couple of different friends places along the way.

Just had the Blizzak winter tires changed out for the summer ones yesterday (Apr. 15). We still have knee deep snow in the yard, but the roads and highways are clear.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I drive a 2012 Ford Focus hatchback - red (of course). I really like it, great gas mileage. There have been a couple of recall issues, but I'm really happy that I bought it new when I did. I'm only around 4 months from paying it off, finally, which will be a big relief.


Registered Member
I drive a silver colored '07 Mitsubishi Spider Eclipse.

The car has over 130,000 miles on it. But it looks a lot newer than it actually is. Every week someone compliments the car to me. It's a convertible.