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What Katrina thinks


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I was not going to do this, not sure if anyone cares to know what I think anyways :shifteyes: so, if you must know, then say so.


Creeping On You
Sure go ahead and tell me :D
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Sure go ahead and tell me :D

Danny, I think behind your jokingly, humorous exterior lies a man who is very caring, soft and sensitive. I feel at times you are afraid to show this side of your self to people, though I am not sure as to why. Maybe I am far off on this, but it is just a feeling I get.

Other than that, I think you are someone who would be fun to be around IRL, I think you are very fair and non-judgmental mod who does an excellent job to keep the peace. I think if asked you would give an honest assessment of your opinion to anyone about anything without holding back, but in a non-aggressive manor.

And... yes, I think you are very cute, and I miss your dancing avatar... lol.


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Let's hear it
Steve, You took the time to try to know me when it seemed to me no one else really wanted to, we chatted and you took an interest in the fact I was from Estonia and liked hearing me talk of it.

You took it upon yourself to personally help me try to find a way that I could come to University in the USA, it was a failed attempt, but still I admire your effort and work you did in this, it made me feel a more personal interest in getting to know you, and this is where things went wrong. I shared to much and made you feel uncomfortable with me. It is only me to blame for this.

I think you are a father who loves his little girl and honestly loves to spend time with her. Part of me thinks you have a very low opinion of your self, and I can relate to this. I think this is in part to your living situation and job situation and only you can decide to move forward from where you are and make the necessary efforts to do so, and I am hopeful you will, because I think you have much to offer a job or woman who see's you for you, but you must believe first in your self.
Ok, waiting.

Echoes, I have not had opportunity to even know your real name, but we have had interactions enough for me to know a little about you.

You have always been a fair mod to me, and usually the voice of reason even when I would question or argue infractions. You take the time to explain so I may understand.

Your posts are usually very well written and thought out leaving little to question about them, an ability I truly admire.

You are not afraid to speak your mind in matters you feel are important enough to make a stand, yet you do this grace and rational, another valuable trait and one I am working hard to accomplish as well.

Like I have said I do not know much of you personally, but you are someone I feel who likes things this way.
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