What I've Done {Linkin Park}



Okay, so Linkin Park is back (thank God!) and they released a song on their album, if you didn't hear it, go here > http://www.linkinpark.com/ It will start playing automaticlly. SO what do you think of it? Do you think they changed. And if so in a bad or good way?
I heard another song on their album (don't ask how) and it was AWESOME! It was very heavy, so with hearing that song, I don't think they didn't really change, cuz there lyrics are just as good as before, and they are rocking out just the same.

P.S. I LOVE LINKIN PARK!! lol That is all.


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Its a crazy song. I downloaded it last night and already I've listened to it a good thirty times or more. I love the lyrics and just how well they perform it.


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It's pretty sweet, I think since they came out with Meteora they changed ;) Hybrid Theory was their best album. They're still sweet, and I'm likin' their new song. I used to listen to them non stop, can't wait 'til their new album comes out cuz im sick of their old songs.


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Yeah im looking forward to the new CD as well. Their new song is absoutely amazing and if the other songs are anything like it its going to be a wicked CD.


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The music vid hass like a "save the world" or "we've screwed up enough" lesson behind it.

The song is alright. I wanted something more heavy though.


linkin park are pretty good. im going to download festival so ill see them live (they are day 2 headliners)
i think they are changing their musical direction. they are moving away from their nu-metal roots and going in a more mainstream/altrock direction.
i think we will see more of Numb sort of songs than One step closer. and we will hear mike sing alot more than rap now, like in What Ive done.



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It sounded pretty much the same, and it's getting tiring to hear it. They seem to be losing their ability to be anything more than an alternative/nu metal somebody.

I didn't like it at all. Lacked creativity and drive. Lousy work.


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I disagree. Maybe because its been awhile since I herd anything from them but none the less I think it was good and I like it. Can't wait to get the CD.


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Well, you'll notice they lack the instrumental depth in What I've Done, the whole song sounds washed out, the percussion is laughably grainy and poor, and they're not nu metal because they don't have backing vocals. So what are they? Just like every other alternative act out there.

Come on, true Linkin Park fans would stand up here and admit that it blows. I'm an LP fan, but even I have the guts to get up and say that they haven't made a good song in seven years.