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Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by helpisontheway, May 13, 2005.

  1. helpisontheway

    helpisontheway Registered Member

    Hi everyone,

    What is the proper list of things to address when making a MYSTERY auction... I know you have to put something like no alcohol and no porn but is there some specific way of working it?

  2. Mina

    Mina Registered Member

    this is what I add to mine

    This is not a raffle, lottery, or prize giveaway.
    ALL of the items in the (box, bag, etc....) are a gift from me to you.
    Nothing in the bag is illegal, gross or vulgar,
    nothing harmful, not charity, nothing that is junk.

    Hope that helps
  3. helpisontheway

    helpisontheway Registered Member

    Thanks a bunch... I wanted to make sure I had a decent list... thanks Mina.
  4. Mina

    Mina Registered Member

    any time... if you don't have that in there they will pull it....

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