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Nintendo 64 What is yoyr foavirte Level and weapon setting in Multiyplayer


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My favorite level in multiplayer, is Faciltiy BackZone(you need a GameShark code to activate) with Pistols.:) If you have one that isn't on the poll,be free to post it in your message.
Proxy mines at any level is always fun. I've also grown fond of using Sniper Rifles at the Caves though. If the players pick characters that blend in, there's a good amount of stealth.


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You picked completely random sets, but of those the Archives with PW is the one that we played the most.


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I voted for that one too. But I'd have to say that the Archives plus Automatics would be the best one. Automatics aren't as boring as pistols, but they aren't as cheap as power weapons, rockets, or proximity mines. There's a balance between skill and power, which equals most fun. The others are fun too, but on a regular basis, automatics are the best all around weapons.


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I couldn't cast a vote,but I would have picked Facility and Pistols,Archives and power Weapons is the only one we do.:lol: Even though I lost my gameshark,I can still play FACILTY(BZ):nod:


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I picked Facility with pistols, though you know there are thousands of combinations for levels and weapons. You should just have favorite level. The only reason I chose Facility was because I love the pistols. I love pistols on pretty much every game. Much more exciting when your own speed at shooting matters.
Pistols are especially great at Felicity because you can pull out the seemingly useless Magnum (I consider it useless because, compared to the other weapons' fire rates, it is just way too slow) and hit someone through one of the many doors. You can really shock someone with that tactic on License to Kill.


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Basement + Man with the Golden gun was my fav.. that was an awesome level.. without the whole stack on top of it.