What is your passion?


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What are you passionate about?

My passion is sports especially football (soccer to you) & Aussie Rules, I love playing it and it keeps me entertained.


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lol yea i knew what you meant...thats why its interestin...ive never heard of anyone with a passion for learning...its good tho

I spose i would if i found the right subject


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I am passionate about acting, singing, art and entertaining.
I may not be very good at all of them but i love doing them despite what im like :)
Helping people and teaching people, which I consider to be the same thing, really give me a great feeling. Seriously, there is nothing better then helping someone with a problem, weather it's "Help me lift this heavy shit!" (OK) or "How can I load a house plot on the Digi Profile without damaging the drivers in the line arrays / subs?" (Patch the CLR/Subs. to air).

Helping people out is great, and I'll do it at every opportunity. So yeah...my short answer would be "helping people"...and I'm adding "solving problems" now that I read my response.

Stop typing EX! They get it!