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What is your opinion in Palestinian‏ ‏reconciliation?


Registered Member
From your point of view, what is your opinion in reconciliation between Fatah, Hamas and all Palestinian factions which happened in Cairo?

I see that it is a good thing that they act together to expel the Zionist enemy and it considerd a devastating blow to Israel.

What is your opinion?


For a Free Scotland
Well I don't like a thread that starts with the term "Zionist enemy", however given that the Palestinians seem to be on track for declaring statehood in September (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/03/world/middleeast/03mideast.html), this is a good sign. I don't particuarly like the idea of Palestine starting in the midst of what is essentially a low-wattage civil war- having elections and some amount of political union is good.

Of course, with statehood comes the fact that states, unlike movements for statehood, don't wish for the eradication of other countries. Thus, this new political reality has to deal with the elements that want Israel gone. I'm no friend of Israel- they're guilty of quite a number of war crimes over the year- but if Palestine becomes a UN member in September still with the ideology that Israel must be wiped off the map, it's not sustainable.


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Why i said "Zionist enemy"?
If someone attacked you and took your house and want you to get out from your house, do you agree?
If you begin to defense your home against the attacker, are you in this case wrong?
This are what happen in Palestine.
They took the Land Without any justification and every day they kill alot of childrens women and men.
After all of that, you are objecting upon saying "Zionist enemy"?

:confused: :confused: :confused: