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What is your oldest system and where is it?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Colecovision, in my entertainment center.


Registered Member
I don't know exactly what you mean, so I have two answers. The one I've had the longest is a Super Nintendo, which I keep ready to play yet rarely use. The system that was released the earliest that I have is an NES, which is kept ready to play like the SNES, but still rarely used.


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my earliest system was the NES. we got it around 86 i believe. the bundle with ROB the robot [ or whatever his name was. ].

it should still be sitting in the garage somewhere safely in a box.


New Member
My oldest is the Genesis, surprisingly I picked up just a few weeks ago on ebay. I used to have it at my grandparents place as a kid and I figured it wouldnt be a bad idea to get one and relive the old memories. Definatly a classic system.


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i didn't really have any old systems, but i did have those old black and white gameboys. i lost it some tiime ago though.


New Member
My oldest system is the Commodore 64, oh yeah. Hah, but my oldest purely game console would have to be my NES, which I keep in it's box in my closet and my Game Boy, which I keep on my desk right in front of me. Haha, I can't believe I still use that thing...