What is your most unmemorable moment of 2008?


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Well, I got this idea from the memorable moment thread.

So what happened to you in 2008 that you wish you did not have to remember?

My ex breaking up with me the day after Valentine's Day :-o Bitch.
Twisting my ankle at work and continuing going to work so I wouldn't let my fellow co-workers down. It hurt, it was depressing and I felt awful. :'(


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I was going to do the same as Bananas, but I got beat.. =( Now I have to think of a real answer.

All the fight to the death arguments my boyfriend and I have been in... OR the too many surgeries. Both of those suck, were painful, and were definitely worth forgetting.
Nothing major, just little things. Things I said (or didn't say) to people that I wish I could change but I can't so I guess I'll just have to try and forget about it. :rolleyes:


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This would be my brothers funeral. That's something i don't want to remember. I'll just keep the memories of him.
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