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What is your management style?


Problematic Shitlord
For those of you who have held a management position, what do you believe is your style?

For those of you who have not, what would you strive for? Customer satisfaction? Employee satisfaction? How would you achieve your answer?


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I am their worst nightmare because I am ambitious and I hate lazy people who think they can just come into the shop, slack around and get paid for it under my watch, I think not! I always try to keep my staff active around the store, having them clean the little things to keep busy but then again, it should always be clean as it's a restaurant. I am quite bossy, maybe more than I should be but if it gets the customers in and keeps the store clean, I am happy with it.


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I try to balance between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. I consider both to be my customers: internal and external. Communication and feedback is encouraged from both. I also don't micromanage. I don't like it when my own bosses hover and check every move I make. But I do let them know that even if I don't seem to be looking: I know what you did there! It's like maintaining presence without really suffocating the employee.


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Combination of both but more so on the employee side at a fast food restaurant. You'd be surprised at how much elderly employees will despise you if you do not at least attempt to be polite about things. I never understood that myself. When I asked them to do something they did it. When my comanagers told they'd get pissy. How hard is it really to just ask, knowing they would do it.


Creeping On You
I don't have MUCH experience in a management position but lately and probably moreso in the future I get to be in charge of my work area, and the other people I work with.

I think if I were to be a manager/boss though, that I'd be a good one. I like people and I'm empathetic of situations that come up as an employee. I'm definitely not over critical for no reason. I'm a nice guy but I can be hard if I need to. Also, I'm good at helping keep everyone busy, and finding things for everyone to do to get the task done.


Sally Twit
I am not a manager, but my team treat me as one. Basically, I am organised and understand my job really well, where as our line manager is not organised and he makes heaps of mistakes. The team trust me because of my experience and always ask me for help rather than our actual line manager. I do like it, but I am not paid to do it, which is where it becomes frustrating. He never takes charge and I end up feeling like I have to because otherwise the work does not get done.

But to answer your question, I would strive for employee satisfaction. I don't deal with customers directly. The bottom line is that happy employee makes for a happy customer. They will expect a high level of service and I'd make sure that happened.


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I've done a lot of micro-management and I tend to be a mix of being extremely lenient, but also energetic, strict, and a bit serious as well.

I kinda push people to excel and do as good as I know they really can but I want them to learn in the process of doing so. If they aren't getting anything out of what they are doing I don't really think they should be doing it. Everyone has traits that make them good at doing whatever the job may be and chances are have their faults that can hinder them, I get that.

I look for a mix of those receiving that service or product to be satisfied and want to come back again but I also look for the employes to be satisfied as well, because the first part won't happen if the employes aren't happy with what they are doing.

I'm not going to try and be a control freak or anything as much as I like things being efficient but I'll make sure people know what there is to do and they should do it in the near future, nor will I be extremely impersonal about the workplace, then who do people have to turn to when have a problem or are stressed out? Everyone should be able to work together and look to each other for aid if need be. It isn't supposed to be a contest or grudge match, we all have things to be doing, so lets do them.