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What Is Your Favourite Type Of Songs?


Registered Member
Well, i like blues, jazz, reggae, hip-hop, and r n b.. And whats yours?:D


Secret Agent
Staff member
I like a good deal of rock, but lately I've been listening to instrumental & soundtrack stuff. I also like songs that build, like Allan Parsons Project - Sirius.


Food Whore
I like Rock, Metal (all kinds), Electronic, Dance, House, Trance, and then some random songs from others


Heavy Weapons Guy
I listen to mostly rock/worship music. Blues does have some good guitar. There are also some good soundtracks that I enjoy.


Well-Known Member
I like soundtracks and funny songs with a story, those always entertain me.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm one of those "any style" of music people, and it depends on who I'm with and what kind of mood there is. Right now, I have on some early Zeppelin and it's fairly relaxing. When the lady friend is here, it's usually about the same, or Dispatch, Chili Peppers, Sublime, and so on.


Registered Member
I mostly listen to rap and R & B but I also listen to oldies. I'll pretty much listen to everything except for country.


Registered Member
I'm a big fan of Raggae and a big Bob Marley fan. I also like raggaeton, jazz, laternative, rock and classical music.


Registered Member
My favorite is trippy, epicly long, amazing sounding and emotional powerful music. See Pink Floyd, Tool, etc.