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What is your favourite fighting game franchise?


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There are many fighting games out there, but there are a few franchises that really stand out. The most famous are most probably Street Fighter, Soul Calibour, Mortal Kombat and Tekken.
My personal favourite is Tekken. I've been playing it since the first installment and been hooked ever since. I simply like the controls best. The graphics were also top-notch, even though many of the others now became better than Tekken in that department.
What's yours?
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The only fighting game I played a lot of was Mortal Kombat...and that was back in the old days when I was a teenager. I was recently in Best Buy and had picked up a controller and tried out the Soul Caliber on xbox 360. I have to say that was fun. I'm pretty good at button mashing and was able to kick my now-ex boyfriends rear end pretty good.


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I would have to say Tekken Tag, and Street Fighter 4. All other fighting games, I really didn't get into that much. I would steal quarters to play Tekken Tag when it was in the arcades and I am really excited for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. King of Fighters was decent but got stale after awhile.
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