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What is your favorite type of wine.


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Thought this could be interesting to get people to try new things with their favorite wines.

So far I would say my favorite is chardonnay. I usually buy yellow tail because I don't have the money to experiment with the more expensive ones. :lol:

What is your favorite, also what brand of wine do you like best for your favorites?


I'm serious
I appreciate almost all dry red wines. So Pinotage and Merlot would be right up there with my favorites. I have a few favorite "cheaper" wines, like Obikwa *winks at Puck* and Tall Horse. If I want to spend a little bit more I go for Nederburg Baronne.

Occasionally I order a dozen bottles from the wine farms direct though and get their pick. I like doing that every now and then actually because I taste new wines and they are excellent quality.


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I hate wine, every one I have tried I hate. Maybe I still haven't found the one for me or I just hate em all.


Babeasaurus Sex
I don't like sweet whites - Pinot Gricio is my fave white.

Reds I can drink most my favourite is merlot.

Rose makes me ill...


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I like white, and that's about it. Can't stand Chardonnay though. Favourite is probably sauvignon blanc or pinot gris. Not really that fussed on the brand. Back home I used to get Haymakers or Mud House wines, which were made by the same people. Don't particularly have a favourite here yet.


yellow 4!
I like rosé the most but will also happily drink white or red. Preferably white, I suppose. I'm still in the process of learning to like red wine after hating it as a kid, and hardly ever drinking it since.

Oh, and I have no idea about being more specific when it comes to red and white wine. With rosé, the one I drink the most often is good old Blossom hill white zinfandel. I don't really have a favourite.
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still nobody's bitch
What is this Pinotage of which you speak? I must have some.

I love Meritage but it's pretty expensive so I don't have it very often. I also like Beaujolais Nouveau, when it's good anyway. This is the first year it's been any good in the last several years. Another favorite is Big House Red by Bonny Doon. Also Coppola's Claret. Francis Coppola makes so really good wine.

As far as white wine, I like Pinot Grigio. Fish Eye has a pretty good one. Charles Shaw's Pinot Grigio kinda sucks, unfortunately.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Not a fan of wine whatsoever. The only time I'll drink it is when I'm already drunk and don't taste the stuff no more, or when I'm invited at a dinner party and they're serving it with the meal. If I had the choice between Red or White, I'd definitely go with white. It goes down smoother in my opinion.


Son of Liberty
I hate wine, every one I have tried I hate. Maybe I still haven't found the one for me or I just hate em all.
Same here, I cannot stand wine and hardly ever drink it. The only think I can tolerate is a red wine but even then.