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What is your favorite type of food?


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I think that I already know the answer to this for most people but some people prefer something different,

My favorite style of food is for sure Italian, pizza (especially brick oven pizza) is really good, my other major favorite is a calzone (they made a Seinfeld episode about calzones) Italian food is so good nobody can really dislike it, they have Lasagna, Spaghetti, pizza, calzone, and pasta in general, this is just good food.

Anybody here willing to share their preferences on food?


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Honestly, it depends on my mood at that time. Mexican, Italian, and good ol' hamburgers easily take it above anything for me.

On a side not, hummus and smashed potatoes are delicious.


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I like all sorts of Mexican and Italian food. I've dabbled a little in Indian food, and it was amazing. Most Asian food is pretty good as well. Then of course there is "American" food, which is just about everything in between.


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I like all sorts.

Mexican, Italian, Asian (especially Chinese, at least American Chinese), American (burgers, fries, etc).

I also like a good salad as well. It's 12 midnight and now I am hungry... (and not just for snack food either..)

Good going with this thread.. :(


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I pretty much am about the same as Andrew, I like many different types of food.

I do like Spaghetti the best.

I could eat that all the time.

Man, now I am hungry, and I just ate.

Oh, crap.:lol:


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Steak is probably my favorite food, but I like a lot of different stuff. Italian, Mexican, Chinese, American, etc. I'm not a big fan of Greek food, or seafood, though I do like salmon, swordfish, and lobster.

Edit: Forgot about breakfast food. I love eggs and bacon.


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Any food that combines several food groups in one convienient package. Like pizza, calzones, most any Mexican food, etc. Also, grilled beer can chicken is my cooking specialty, and is one of my absolute favorite dishes. When it comes to dessert, my mom's homemade chocolate cake and poppy seed muffins are unbeatable.