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What Is Your Favorite Truck?


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Their is a thread on this part of PopMalt.com that's about what your favorite car is.

However, this is about what your favorite truck is.

My favorite truck is a truck a relative of mine purchased back in 1998. It was a black colored 1998 Dodge Ram.

It was rugged and a great looking truck, in my opinion.

So what is your favorite truck?


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I don't own a truck but I've always dreamed of getting a Toyota Tacoma, probably in flat tan. I think it's a great work of engineering, Toyota sure knows how to build a truck. I have a lot of friends that have had their trucks over the years. The one thing I'll note is consistent reliability and total durability.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I personally have owned and driven:
1994 Chevrolet 1/2t regular cab 8ft bed with a 5 speed manual. It was the color green you picture in your head now.
2002 Dodge Dakota SXT, 5 speed manual, short bed regular cab. I loved this truck. Reliable and fun but not practical.

I've driven:
Everything Chevy and Dodge have to offer from 2014-2019
An old lifted truck
A new lifted truck
2009-10 Nissan Titan
2014 Big f'n diesel Ford
A diesel Dodge with all of the EPA stuff stripped out with a double clutch and mods

The most fun:
The diesel Dodge with a stick, diesel, and mods. It wasn't a quick accelerating truck by any stretch of the imagination. It drove with a super heavy clutch and was best driven double clutching. It was like driving a big rig and that made it soo soo much fun to drive.

The most practical:
Crew cab long bed pickup. Tons of space for people and cargo. Not the most efficient. That's what I'd own if money weren't an issue. Specifically a Sierra Denali 1500 with a diesel.

The best, and most reasonable for me:
I would have a Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Jeep Renegade, or Toyota Tacoma with a crew cab, leather, and a 6' bed. The big selling point for me would be the price of the truck and being able to get a crew cab with manual transmission. I believe that leaves the Tacoma or Nissan Frontier in that class. I would have to have leather added aftermarket because the manual transmission trucks that are on the market do not come with leather as an option. 4WD is a must.