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Nintendo What is your favorite Nintendo System?


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Over the years there have been plenty of Nintendo systems and all of them have sold very well.

My favorite system is definitely the Nintendo 64 although I'm not sure why they called it the 64 because it did in fact only have 32 mb of video and 32 bit sound but maybe they added them together because you do have to admit that Nintendo 32 sounds really dumb so they called it the 64. But you also have to wonder why all other Nintendo systems have names like NES, SNES, Gamecube, Gameboy, DS, or Wii instead of a number, of course Atari also did numbers for most of their systems.

The Nintendo 64 is for sure the gaming system that I have spent the most time playing (even over PC or Gamecube which I have also played quite a bit) The Nintendo 64 had some of the best hits for nintendo ever with Super Mario 64, Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Ocarina Of Time, and Donkey Kong 64. Nintendo also had the advantage of being able to have Rareware make games back when they were "the best" at making games.

Too bad most games nowadays aren't this good although Mario Galaxies is an exception of course and maybe Zelda Twilight princess I wouldn't know about that since I haven't played it.

What is your favorite system?


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Definitely Nintendo 64. Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and GoldenEye make it an easy choice. Then you also have games like Perfect Dark, Majora's Mask, Conker's Bad Fur Day, etc. NES is a close second. It's crazy how many good games there were. Gamecube was definitely a big disappointment.


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I really really liked a lot of games on the SNES including Super Mario World, Street Fighter 2, the DK Country games, Pitfall, and a few others.

Overall I'd still have to say N64 because of Mario 64, DK64 and Goldeneye, but SNES takes a close second.

This could all change if I decide to get a Wii though. From what I've seen and heard so far it could be the best Nintendo console ever. I haven't played it enough to make a decision yet and it is going to have to be pretty awesome for it to beat out the N64 for me at least.


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It's a hard choice between the SNES and the N64, but the N64 wins it for the games and the countless hours I've invested in it.


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I never really got into the SNES a lot I played the donkey kong country (a lot of the first and second ones) games a lot but never actually owned a SNES that's why I bought DK country for GBA (besides the fact that it's portable). I'm a Nintendo lover so I would probably enjoy it but I don't have many reasons to buy one especially when all of my favorite games for it came out for other systems.


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I would say Super Nintendo, with the GameCube a close second. There's only a handful of games on the N64 that really attracted me. It would really be the lowest on my list of favorite Nintendo consoles.


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So far, my favorite system is the N64, but the Wii could easily take it out. Largely because of Virtual console and the ability to play GC games. But I'll have to wait and see how much the wii develops over time.