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What is your Favorite Game of all time?


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So what's your favorite game of all time?

For mine I'd have to go with Sega's NiGHTS into Dreams, for the Sega Saturn. It was so entirely original in every way that it just really stood out in many good ways. It was extremely challenging in some parts, and was one of those games that you have to get better and better at in order to finally beat it 100%. If you haven't played it I would definitely recommend picking up a Saturn and giving it a try. They are about $20 or so now used. :)


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My favorite game of all time would definally have to be Super Mario Bros. By far that game is the game I've logged the most hours on playing and replaying it. The second game for me would have to be pacman after that. (The 2600 version)


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I'm going to go with Zelda also. Still have it and one of these days will have to dig the whole system out and see what's there!


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My favorite all time game would have to be the original asteriods for the arcade. Played on the computer now.


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It would have to be Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES, or Link's Awakening on GB. Those are two of my favorite games of all time, but I can't pick between them.


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My favorite game of all time would have to be Zelda for snes.