Nintendo 64 What Is Your Favorite Dungeon In Zelda Ocarina Of Time?


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I like the Forest Temple because of the way it is set up. The boss, known as Phantom Ganon is ridiculously hard to beat if you do not know what you are doing. On my first time through the game it took me a long time to figure out how to beat him.
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Gah, been ages since I've played OoT, of the ones I remember though, in the earlier dungeons, I loved the Dodongo one, mainly because of the boss. <3 fighting him, heh.
As for the actual temples, well... this is where I stop remembering as well. >_<
I remember fighting Phantom Ganon, and I'll agree that was awesome (I think I'm thinking of the right one, is he the one that jumps through the different frames? ._.), but as for the actual dungeons, I'd prolly have to say the Fire Dungeon, (once again, my memory escapes me, do you need to rescue Gorons in that? >_> ). LolVolvagia.


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Oh, I could not stand the Water Temple the first time that I played it, there were some very hard things to figure out and do. My favorite part of the Water Temple waas Shadow Link, I just hacked away at him with the Biggorons sword, the unbreakable version, he seems to die rather quickly when you do that. I also remember trying to figure out how to cross the big body of water to the boss without the long shot.


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You know what bugs me about Shadow Link?

You can ALWAYS beat him in EVERY game by simply crouching and repeatedly swinging your sword.

I was thinking, and the Ice Temple (not sure of the exact name right now) was a fairly fun one, too. Also, I really enjoyed figuring out how to get the to Forrest Temple and the "stealth" puzzle you go through in the beginning to meet Zelda.


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LOL Steve are you serious? I never knew that, it must be some sort of designer bug. Or maybe lazy programming on Nintendo's behalf, don't they have some sort of "Treehouse" to make sure that doesn't happen? Ah, but Ocarina of Time is such a polished game, so perfect in so many ways. Such an epic. Infact, I prefer OoT over Twilight Princess.

As for my favorite dungeon, I would also say Forest Temple because the music is riveting, the level design is top-notch, and the atmosphere is toned in such a way, now that I think about it... hold up, that was a dungeon? LOL


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Yeah the Forest Temple was a dungeon. It had a dungeon map inside, small keys , a boss key, a boss, and you could start there if you saved after quitting playing, you can only do that in a dungeon. I am pretty sure that these three things automatically make a dungeon in Zelda.


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Steve, it's called the Ice Cavern,

What really bugs me about the game is the fact that after each temple the effects go away, such as when you beat the forest temple the forest monsters go away, when you beat the fire temple the ring goes away off the top of the mountain, the spirit temple doesn't do anything at all, when you beat the Shadow temple the storm in Kakariko Village stops, but when you beat the water temple everything stays frozen,

I also really liked Ganon's Tower just because the boss is really fun (Ganondorf) I remember beating him with no sword that was really hard, I had no magic power either, so I was stuck using the Megaton Hammer,

anybody ever beat Ganon (the huge monster version) without a sword?


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All the dungeons in this game were perfectly designed, maybe with the exception of the Shadow Temple. I just didn't like that one as much. Forest Temple is definitely my favorite. The music, the atmosphere, the puzzles, the boss fight, etc. It's the best dungeon in any Zelda game.

when you beat the water temple everything stays frozen
True, but Lake Hylia fills back up and I think they mention that everything at Zora's Fountain will eventually melt and be back to normal.