What is your favorite desert?


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And no, for you grammar Nazis, I didn't spell that wrong. :mad:


Mine is probably the Sahara. Why? I've always been fascinated with ancient Egypt and have done a lot of research on pyramids, etc, and rumors of lost temples (under the Sahara).

The desert is so huge that I also have to wonder what ancient civilizations are lost beneath it? I mean look how big it is:

Seriously, is it too far fetched to assume entire civilizations are buried underneath it? I'm talking way East of Egypt. There is plenty of room for a lot to have happened and been lost with time.

So, what's your favorite desert and why?


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In before "chocolate pudding."

I like the Mojave. it has features, unlike the Sahara; it has a kick-ass modern history, unlike the Sahara; and it blooms wild in the Spring, unlike the Sahara. Oh, and it's American, too! Hybrix, your Sahara sucks.
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The Sahara is crazy because of its size. I think the Gobi and the Kalahari are cool for its wildlife. And I like the Sonoran in Arizona because of all the Saguaros.


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In my opinion, the eastern desert of Egypt is very fantastic especially, the area south to Hurgada where it the best area for diving & safari trips. i lived more than 2 years in that area about 400 Km south to hurgada where now there's Marsa Alam many new resorts & safari programs.
for me, the best area is Baranice ( that village has a militery marine built on the old marine from which the old Egyptian queen Hatshepsut ( 1479–1458 BC ) oversaw the preparations and funding for a mission to the Land of Punt (Horn of Africa ). The expedition set out in her name with five ships, each measuring 70 feet (21 m) long bearing several sails and accommodating 210 men that included sailors and 30 rowers. Many trade goods were bought in Punt, notably myrrh.

and also a very beatiful area called Ras Banas which is an extended land in the sea between the sea & the mountain

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I like the Peruvian Desert. Mainly because of the desert drawings and the so called "Temple of Doom" in literraly it's backyard.
Though my favorite is the Mongolian Desert no reason, really, I just do


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I can't say I have a favorite one but when someone says desert, I think of the Sahara because it's famous and because it's featured in one of the books I like, The Alchemist by Coehlo. Reading the book, I became more interested to visit it.
I'm disappointed that the topic title wasn't a spelling error because I came in here with the full intent on saying "Sahara" in a dessert topic.
My favourite desert is Antarctica. Because it's huge, and unlike most other deserts, this ones cold as fuck.
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i guess saudia arabia got the most beautiful desert you can ever seen
it is fantastic .. so hard to pass through there
here you are some pics , information about saudia desert (rub al khali)

look how it is wonderful!

Largest sand desert in the world, empty quarter of the desert in the inland of the Arabian peninsula. Its area is about 650,000 km², being about 1000 west to east in the north, from north to south about 800 in its western side and 300 km in its eastern side. It is the largest continuous sand area in the world.
Rub al-Khali is one of three common names used in the West, the other two are Empty Quarter, which is a direct translation of Rub al-Khali, and Great Sandy Desert.
Rub al-Khali covers about a third of the peninsula, most of it belongs to Saudi Arabia, while the south of United Arab Emirates, the west of Oman and northwest of Yemen also belong to it.
To Rub al-Khali belongs several rich oil fields, like the Kidan fields, Shaybah and Ramalah, all in the Saudi corner near United Arab Emirates and Oman. Also, the Ghawwar Field, the largest in the world, discovered 1948, extends southward into the Rub al-Khali.
Rub al-Khali has no permanent settlements, but Bedouin tribes like the al-Murrah, live nomadic lives in its outskirts.
Rub al-Khali represents one of the most extreme areas in the world with summer temperatures shifting from below 0ºC at night to over 60ºC at noon. Dunes can reach heights of more than 300 metres.
There is little to nothing of vegetation and animal life. Still, in between there are pockets allowing some vegetation and animal life in the form of arachnids and rodents (illustration to this can be seen on the 4th photo of the slideshow).
In ancient times, the Rub al-Khali was not as inhospitable, and allowed the passing of caravans dealing mainly in frankincense.

for more information visit wikipedia:
Rub' al Khali - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

a giant skilton for a 7m talls man found there

peoples said that the skilton belong to one of aad nation which quran talked about.
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