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What is your favorite comic?


not a plastic bag
well if comic includes comic books, then I would say Daredevil and Captain America are my favorite choices, although I rarely get to read comics any more.

Otherwise I like Wizard of Id, Funky Winkerbean and some other obscure ones.


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I love Calvin and Hobbes but like Fox Trot and the Peanuts Gang. I was heart broken when the Peanuts Gang stopped coming out with new ones.


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I'm pretty sure Charles Schultz drew them up until the day he died as far as I know... That's why new ones stopped coming out. :-/

Peanuts is a classic though. So much so that it's still being run in newspapers everywhere as reprints.

I also like Fox Trot. Gotta love how he slips in pro Mac and anti Microsoft stuff all the time. :)


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If comic books count, I have to go with Watchmen. It demonstrated that comics can have a power and symbolism that's distinct from, but not inferior to, that of films or novels.