What is your favorite comic?


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There are so many comics to choose from that this may be a bit difficult to choose.

I choose Dilbert by Scott Adams above all else, Calvin and Hobbes was really good though so I did have a hard time deciding what to pick,

here is a good Dilbert strip


I told you that this was a really good comic. Most people get it regularly in the paper.


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I love Calvin and Hobbes, but Watterson stopped making them years ago (1995 to be exact). I do love dilbert, mostly because I'm going to experience/have experienced many of the things that happen to him. (I'm an engineer, like him. We don't do too well with management).


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Always been a Dilbert fan, I also like Haggar, B. C. and Zits
Dilbert is by far the best though
Dogbert would be my favorite character


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
I like Dilbert, but if you are talking about comics that are not in the newspaper, then i would definitely say Batman.


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Out of the ones that are still being drawn, Dilbert is my favorite. I've worked in several office positions and I can relate to a lot of the jokes and situations.

(and LOL! That Dilbert strip you posted is pretty hilarious!)

Of the ones that have been retired, I love Calvin & Hobbes and am also a big Far Side fan. I like observational humor so Far Side definitely makes it onto my list.


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I like Garfield for his uncaring attitude. He reminds me of Dogbert in Dilbert. Confident and not really caring about what happens.

I don't really read Garfield though because it's always the same thing.


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I agree that it tends to be the same thing, but that's what I like. I love that the jokes can recycle and I will still find it funny when he shoves a casserole full of lasagna into his face.