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What is your favorite anime series?


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What is everyone's favorite anime series? List all of the ones you love! It doesn't really matter if it's a new series or not.

My personal favorites are:
Yu Yu Hakusho
One Piece
Hellsing Ultimate
Cowboy Bebop
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You should come check out the Arlong Park forums if you haven't already. Lots of really cool OP fans. I'm not active there anymore, but the community rocked when I was there, and SanjisCool is as cool as his name sounds :p (he's the one who produced Dub Piece, and if you haven't seen Dub Piece yet, you have to. Fan dub making fun of the series that is just amazing)


Better Call Saul
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Moderator Post

Hey guys we are going to go ahead and use this thread to post your favorite anime series'.​

Since people change their tastes over a period of time we think it would be better if we kind of started over, per say.​

The other thread was unstickied and this one has been stuck.​

Let me know if you have any questions.​


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Oh sweet! Thanks, kdmillz72. :)

So guys! What do you think? ;D Fav series anyone?


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I really liked Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - it's up there on my top 5 favorite. However its second season is slowly making its way to my top 5 least favorite list. :stare:


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hi there, newbie here...

my favorite anime series are fushigi yuugi, ranma 1/2, slumdunk, ghost fighter, vision of escaflowene, samurai x, gundam wing, gundam x, gundam seed, magic knights rayearth, inuyasha, one piece and a lot more.