What is your eBay Feedback and Score?


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Hi all

I tend to spend alot of time on eBay looking at stuff and occasionally selling and buying things. So I was wondering what your eBay Feedback and score was?

My Feedback is 100% and I have 116 score.

So what are yours?


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100% , 5

I've been a member since 2003 but rarely make purchases. I don't sell either. Those 5 scores are buyer rating from sellers.


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Night, remember when we talked about them stopping the sellers from giving feedback to buyers? Well my seller just gave me a feedback. :hmm: But she's from France so maybe ebay.fr has not moved into the same decision about evaluations?


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I know mine is 100% and I think it is a 21. However, It would be whole lot higher if people could just remember to leave feedback. I guess that is what I get for selling things to musicians and gamers lol.. they get the item and get so preoccupied in using it they forget to leave feedback? who knows.