What is your dream car?


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My dream car would be a Lamborghini Diablo. Now if I only I can win the lottery. :D


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My dream car is a Dodge Viper. My friend and I were driving on the Inerstate one night, and we passed a Dodge Viper. Of course we got passed by the Viper, like we weren't even moving.


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That's an easy one.

I want a 1969 or 63 13 or 21 window sambs safari VW Bus with the Targa cloth sunroof and teak wood roof racks, painted Purple and black. Fully restored just like it was back in 63 or 69.

Now good luck on finding one under 25,000..If you do let me know!
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1959 T-Bird... white covertable top, bubble gum pink body, 3" white wall tires, Continental wheel and cover, tuck-n-roll interior (pink and white) and a classic dashboard. Of course some fuzzy dice on the rearview would be awesome as well.