what is your best childhood memories

Mine is my dad taking me to the fair we have here is salisbury every oct for 3 days.I can remeber him coming home from work(he was a builder) and i would just follow him around the house,i would sit and watch him eat his dinner,then would have a wash and a shave and i would just stand there waiting:lol:
He would go on all the rides with me,everytime oct comes and the fair is here i still walk around it and have so many emotions,he was my best friend and 7 years this august 18th he sadly passed away.


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It's always hard to loose somebody that close. I've only lost grandparents and friends and it's never been something I want to repeat. :(

Some of my best childhood memories are probably back when I got things for Christmas that I couldn't afford. Like in grade school when even $50 bucks is hard to come by. That was always fun looking forward to getting Legos. I collected quite a bit growing up. Now I get sox and new shirts. ;)


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Mine is playing in the park near my house, the biggest area of grass I had ever seen at the time.