What is wrong with kids these days?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wooly, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. wooly

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    My friend's younger brother was up visiting the last day. he's still in secondary school (high school) and we were sharing stories bout old teachers and whatnot, as you do... THEN he told us recent stories of the first years coming into secondary school. (now keep in mind, the average age of a first year is around 12 years old.....)

    1. in the school i went to (all-boys school), a couple of first year students have been caught masturbating, yes masturbating, in class. As far as i know they were all made go to counselling, but the fact that this would happen, and more than once, is crazy.

    2. in the girl's school across the way, a first year made a pornographic video of herself and sent it around to people. Remember, the average age of a first year is 12 years old.

    what the hell is wrong with kids these days!? What's causing this messed up behaviour? Now i live in a pretty regular environment, so i don't think it's just my town that's this messed up... I'd be inclined to think that the internet has a strong part to play in this, but whatever is causing this needs to be controlled.

  2. Rebeccaaa

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    Thats kinda crazy, cos when I use to go to school (I only left this year) one of our teachers was telling us how another year group she teaches (like, year 8 !! which is how old hmmm about 13?) had been caught -
    1) masturbating in the back of the class (a boy)
    2) girls sending round naked pictures of themselves on their mobile phones

    Couldn't believe it! It's disgusting... they are growing up WAY too fast. I have a cousin who is about 13 and every time i see her she is caked in make up and trying to look all glamorous :shake:
  3. KingKnight

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    With today's technology kid's can go online and see porn and such sexual behavior
    there's way too much info open to them.
  4. wooly

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    yeah the internet is the only thing i can see as the cause for this aswell. but is there any solution for this? How canthe internet be fully regulated?

    and it's not just pornography that's to blame, it's internet usage too. the fact that kids would masturbate in class shows complete social ineptness. I guess kids are social networking too much instead of actually socializing.
  5. Stab-o-Matic5000

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    How about that one 11 year old girl in Britain that had a child? Talk about babies having babies for sure.

    I don't think it's so much the internet's fault, it's part of the problem of course, but it's more a lack of proper parenting, really. Parents shouldn't be letting their kids get on the internet and look at whatever they want whenever they want. They should be teaching these kids that it's not ok to masturbate in public or to take naked pictures of yourself and send them to everyone.

    Obviously not every parent is failing, but far too many are these days, unfortunately.
  6. LadyPinky

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    ^^ I agree with that. Some parents want to blame the internet or Tv or video games because they don't want to do real parenting. Kids at that age should be supervised in what they do on the internet, what they watch on Tv and such. Hence kids being introduced to such things as thinking its ok to masturbate in class and send pictures of you naked 12 year old self to everyone you know.
  7. Merc

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    I think an interesting angle to approach this from is this:

    Aside from the usual ineffective scapegoats such as the internet, video gaming, movies, and television, what about our culture, our education? Isn't it possible that the stranglehold we put on certain information is making our kids more prone to exploring these adult tendencies? Put it this way, kids have at least several hundred different ways to find out what sex is, but if parents and teachers are unwilling to teach them and fit them with the proper understanding of it and instead pretend that there is no elephant sitting in the room, then the kids are fucked. Why? Because they're left to work with little to know information on a subject that is extremely enticing and very dangerous and best of all: forbidden.

    The solution is education. Will it work for all kids? Of course not, there is no perfect solution, but something like taking a bit of time to put something like sex and personal respect into perspective and giving these kids some insights on how the world works around those subjects is vital and will help prevent a lot of this sort of craziness from happening.

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