What is up with Ebay lately???


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Everywhere I go I get a error message...just getting irritated....even when I go to "my ebay" Its says some of my stuff is not available...grrrrrrrr


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Yea mines been that way most of the night. I just got your new auction to open .But it still wont let me add it .It say not valid,Still pending or no longer in the data base. So go figure thats ebay for ya

Ok now it let me add it. Wish they would get there stuff working
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Something is down.I had 38 items in my watch list and now all are gone but 4. Strange last time they went down i lost all my watch list .Guess i did this time to.Go figure dam ebay


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I have noticed things on my watchlist going as well... especially things that I really wanted to follow not pertaining to HP auctions either. I had the same MY eBay error as well...