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What is the secret to happiness?


Strange Visitor
What is this "happiness" of which people speak?



Registered Member
Happiness isn't just something you can just "unlock". Happiness will hit you, but once it hits, you can't expect it to stay forever. The pursuit of happiness is surely just, and far from vain, but it is never satisfied.

The key to happiness surely has strings attached.


New Member
I have totally no Idea. and I found it very interesting reading your answers lol. Im constantly depressed.. or well.. not depressed just.. feeling a tad low.
mainly because I dont have a man in my life and everyone else me seems to have one.
Ive always wanted to settle down and for me that is what would make me very happy.

I think the best answer was "The secret to happiness is having low expectations."
thats is so true!......
because I always have very high expectations when it comes to everything.. I look a things positively.. so when they go wrong.. it feels so very very wrong. lol.... my mistake. I need to be hypnotised :(


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The great thing about low expectations is that you always have options, and anything better than what you wanted is considered a bonus.

My children, patience is the secret to happiness. A patient person will allow happiness to come to them, and while they wait they will appreciate everything around them, which in term will make them happier as a whole.


True Blue Australian
Great sex, and money... no maybe, somebody with a great personality, who will give everything a shot, and who willbe there until the end.:nod: