what is the last sms on your mobile?:)


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Just curious to know what says the last sms on your mobile phone? Mine is: "))))) yup hon! i got it!!!:)

what about you guys? go ahead and post your ones.


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My last one is "Merry Christmas!" from back in 2007. I got 5 of them and as much as I hate text messages it annoyed me so I canceled text messaging on my phone. Haven't received one since. :D

I know, I know.. Bah Humbug.. but actually it's more text messages in general that annoy me. I think I am getting a phone call and instead it's just "Hey want to hang out?" Call me if you want to hang out. I don't do text. ;)


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My last sms was bout an hr ago asking my good lady for a cup of tea? She works nights from home, so before anyone gets the wrong impression please dont? As she was in the area of the kitchen so to speak.