What is the hottest thing that you have eaten?


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About 3 weeks ago I was with some friends and we were eating tacos, there were 4 full bottles of hot sauce in the middle of the table, jalepenos, and salsa.

I applied at least half of a bottle of all of all of that hot sauce added up into the tortilla with some refried beans.

When I picked it up it was dripping hot sauce everywhere

I couldn't taste anything for an hour afterwards.


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I've had some Thai food so hot that nothing helped to stop the burning. It was awesome though and I plan to have it again when I get a chance. I only know of one place that makes it this hot and it's pretty far away.

I've had some blazing hot Mexican food too. I don't even want to think about hot food right now though because my lips are chapped and split as usual in the winter time and I am pretty sure I would want to die if I had anything super hot at the moment.


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I am not a fan of spicy food but one time my dad was frying some sausage and I took a bite of it and was sweating like crazy but I did finish it though. I am the only one in my family who can't handle spicy food but if it looks good, I will attempt to eat it but constantly need a glass of water.


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I had some wings in St. Thomas several years ago that were probably the hottest thing I've ever eaten.


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Home-grown habeneros from my dad's garden. They were stupidly hot. Used in recipes in the right way they add a lot of spice and flavor. We still have a whole bunch of habenero, cayenne and jalepeno peppers pickled in jars. We really like chili peppers...
Spicy thai peppers they are nasty little devils the size of about a penny but have enough heat to knock you on your butt.

my mouth burns just thinking about them


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Man that sounds like a really bad flavor.

But with the creative title that those things have (homicide flavored? ouch) if they are half as hot as they sound it'll drive you insane.


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Two things. A local wings/pizza joint has something called Homicidal Wings. They are HOT. I ate 10 normal hot wings then two of these and when I was done I qas leaking from all orifices of my face.

Other: I ate at the P.F. Chang's in Tempe once (hottest fuckin waitresses ever. EVER.) and I got Kung Pow Chicken. I ate one of the decorative red peppers on the side. I then proceeded to eat most of the ice in the Tempe area.