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What is the first MTV viedo you rember?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well it's that time again....To have a happy flashback......Sherman set the way back machine to the 80's......Here we go!!!!! :lol: :hah: :lol: :hah: :lol:
Well now I know I'm old,the first viedo I saw was the verry first vid on Mtv wich was "Viedo killed the raido star"Oh gods(got to be politicaly correct)I'm old.....
I can't belive that me and my brother fought over what to watch mtv and when to watch.. :lol: :hah: :lol: Wow cna't belive thats it's ben that long ago. :lol:
Well tell us,share,don't bogart the info & stories.....Tag you're it.!. :lol: :lol:


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i know i wasn't very old when this video was released (but it sticks in my mind), but i remember it when i was about 12 or so......"Beat it" by Michael Jackson


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I know I've seen tons of music videos before this one, but November Rain sticks out the most since it was #1 on the countdown for a really long time.


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The first videos I remember seeing was a "three peat" of Def Leppard videos...

the videos were
Pour Some Sugar on Me

I actually had these recorded onto a VHS tape back when I still lived in chicago


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I have a bunch of old vids on tape too.. :sam: :hat: DO you rember Headbangers Ball..It's sad they don't play the old vids anymore.(now it's the best and worst moments in" H.M"I still rember when Mtv played vids not game shows and other crap. :cry: :eek:mg: :cry: .Do you rember when VH1 was the old peoples music?(you know your mom& dads misic)Now I see the bands I grew up with on there (God I'm old :eek: )