What is Not Reported about Gaza

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    This thread isn't a discussion about Israel's treatment of Gaza, so please try and avoid going there.

    Fancy restaurants and Olympic-size pools: What the media won?t report about Gaza | Full Comment | National Post


  2. SmilinSilhouette

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    I'll add Flint & Detroit, MI to your list. Parts of these places are in shambles. Some of the few businesses in these areas have 10' high fences with razor wire on top. Gunfire is a common sound at night. Decent people are scared to leave their homes after dark. An honor student was recently shot dead on the porch of a neighbor two doors down from his home. Local government corruption is a way of life in Detroit and millions of tax dollars intended for education and services are skimmed off while preachers support the most corrupt mayor recently sentenced to 14 mo in prison for probation violations & lying to the court.

    It is quite interesting to hear of the unreported side of Gaza.
  3. anmracing

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    I've seen on History International where the people of Gaza are living the life of upper middle class. It's too bad that some in the media feel they need to show the bad and not the good.

    The media always wants a story that will get people to watch what they have to offer and if it means showing people suffering, then that is what they will show.

    ARGMAN Registered Member

    you guys in America didn't see anything yet, the poverty is the last issue Gaza people are thinking about

    I myself watch your T.V channels and never saw a realistic scene about what is really happening there !! not even a hint ... and yet it became a must to show that a thin slice from Gaza people live in the middle class - and god only knows from which hell they came from - ?? the most important thing is to show the catastrophes to heal, not to show good things to forget bad ones ;)
  5. stevenfermi

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    TV news networks report what sells best, and people are more interested in the bad than the good. Tragedies sell. Not many people would be interested in seeing Palestinians dine on steak au poivre.
  6. Wade8813

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    It's true that tragedy (or more specifically - controversy) sells. But the thing is, if some show like 60 Minutes came out and showed concrete evidence that things aren't nearly as bad as people say, I think that would be an even bigger news story, because it would be showing the slant being portrayed in the media (which is controversy itself)
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  7. Sim

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    I'm not sure that proves anything. Just that there is an Olympic size pool and one nice restaurant is not proof that people there are doing well.

    Boredie, by all due respect, but Israel is very heavily spreading propaganda as well, not just the Palestinian side. In war, truth dies first. Israelis hate the Palestinians just as bitterly as they hate Israelis.

    Add to that a severe case of Israeli persecution complex, the paranoid notion that the entire world hates you, just because foreigners point you to the fact that murdering unarmed people is a bad thing.

    I don't have the impression you are interested in the truth. I think you are interested in proving your side right, and if it's just to make you feel better.
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  8. Boredie

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    You don't know me at all. You are biased against me for posting this, yet my intention was not what you were suggesting at all.
    The point of this article is to show that instead of using much needed money for humanitarian purposes, they go ahead and build themselves a "much needed" Olympic pool.
    The reporters who go around Gaza filming all the nasty bits and pieces then go along and have a nice dinner in the several available restaurants.
    If people were really concerned about humanitarian problems in Gaza, they should ask why are the ones in charge there bothered with having an Olympic sized pool instead of using that money for humanitarian purposes? If their need is so great, as they keep stressing over and over again, they wouldn't have built it.
    The point of this article is to show, that there is a good life going on in Gaza, along with the problems,
    just like everywhere else in the world, there are cities with good life and slums. Take NYC, take London, pick a city, any city and you will see it is the same. The difference is, that in Gaza, no one bothers with showing the WHOLE picture. The good with the bad.

    Also, try focusing on the article and not who posted it. If someone else would have posted it your response would have not been the same.
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  9. Sim

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    Let me apologize if I misjudged you.

    But why did I assume you have this "persecution complex"? You attacked NGOs. You claimed "the media" in general has a bias towards the Palestinians. You only hear such media-blaming by radical fanatics who cannot stand that reality has a bias against their fanatism.

    Are you seriously claiming that the entire European media in general has the goal of damaging Israel?! That they are not good journalists among them and many of their outlets are high quality journalism? That some third class journalist on an obscure website is the only person on the whole internet who knows the truth, and certainly better than all of the European media combined?

    See, the arrogance and paranoia in this assumption is so obvious and ridiculous, that I could not restrain from judging you that way.

    If someone else had posted it, I would discard it just as much: Simply because it looks like a cheap propaganda piece, posted on a third class website by some obscure third class journalist, likely with an agenda (like a Christian fanatic agenda to support Israel no matter what). You find much of this trash online.

    Look, that Palestinians in Gaza are suffering is fact. It's been confirmed by many independent observations, for example by the NGOs you generally seem to hate -- but they are maybe a 100 times more trustworthy than the Israeli government (since when can a government ever be trusted when it comes to bad effects of their policies). It simply defies reason to assume you can start a large-scale blockade embargo against a small piece of land and the people does not suffer.

    And now, the trigger happy Israeli army has even boarded one of these ships and murdered 16 sleeping people (maybe they had read your thread and thought it was time for a little payback against these damn biased Europeans who hate Israelis?). At least that's what one side says. The Israeli army claims these of the boat had attacked first. Unfortunately, we won't know the truth, because Israel is scrambling signals to make contact with people who are actually on this boat. Makes me think they have something to hide.
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  10. Bananas

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    The difference with Gaza and "everywhere else in the world" is the root and the cause of the problems.

    Why should they? To not do so does not equate to slanted manipulative journalism.

    When terrorist attacks took place in New York they did not have to show pictures of the Chicago skyline to show everything was okay, when war broke out in Afghanistan they did not have to show pictures of Trinidad and Tobago to show war was not happening there. When Dennis Hopper died they do not have to show pictures of Jack Nicholson to prove that all film greats are dying.

    Why should they not be privileged of a pool?

    You admit yourself they need money for humanitarian purposes, then you must also be aware of the highlighting factor of all the other articles that this article is trying to undermine, in which case I must quetion the crtical approach you are making.....Alternatively..... you have got your words wrong and feel they do not need humanitarian aid or monies and as a people should not be privileged of a pool.

    So which is it?

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