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Which is more impressive

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What is more Impressive; Micheal Phelps the fastest man in the water or Usain Bolt the fastest man on land.. I saw this on sportsnet the other day and Usain Bolt won the poll.. just wanted to see what you guys think.


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They're both absolutely amazing at what they do, I have to say that Usain Bolt is more amazing though, he broke 2 world records this olympics that I thought wouldn't be broken for years, guess I was wrong. I was definitely expecting phelps to break some serious records (not 8 golds, nobody could have predicted that.

Usain Bolt

100m (9.69)
200m (19.30)

too bad he doesn't want to do the 400m though

iaaf.org - Bolt - 100, 200 . . . 400m?

sort of surprising, but if I were him then I'd be trying to pack those records in a bit before moving on.
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What Phelps did impresses me a lot more. Winning two golds in track is not unheard of. Winning eight golds hasn't been done before in any sport...until Phelps. The number and variety of races Phelps competed in is just crazy.


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Phelps for endurance, heart, and awesomeness.


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Phelps = 8 gold medals, 7 world records

Bolt = 2 gold medals, 2 world records

I'll take the man fish, Michael Phelps.


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I know a lot of people not interested in swimming nor Olympics but suddenly are because of Phelps. That's a plus point. :lol:

And the dude's got crazy talent!


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What Usain Bolt did was amazing. But there's no doubt in my opinion that what Michael Phelps did is way more impressive. The endurance you have to have to swim all those times, it's unbelievable.

So both atheletes had great accomplishments during the 2008 Summer Olympics, but what Phelps did is more impressive then what Bolt did.