What is it About[Written by Veloci-T]

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    Name: What is it About
    Artist: Veloci-T
    Approximate Time: 4:30-5 Minutes
    NOTE: Everything in this song is real and has happened to me before, one person I mentioned is real too, and not everything in Verse 2 has happened to me


    Chorus x2

    This is all crap
    Why dont we have a map?
    What is it about?
    Explain to the crowd
    Why are we living?
    Some day we will all know

    Verse 1

    (Yo, this is what I feel)
    Everyone is hatin on me
    They are all hater's hatin on me
    Why am I living
    All I'm doing is giving
    Im recieving shit
    The hatin boot fit
    Im young and i listen to Eminem, 2pac and Nas
    Father wants me to believe in Santa Claus
    He aint real
    If he was Id kill him wit a reel
    Hip-Hop is dying
    Im not lyin
    The past is about the lyrics
    Today is about hoes and bitches
    The world is changing
    Now it is about blaming others
    Nobody believes me
    Why did the world ever recieve me?
    Plus, I didnt tell Grace
    I feel like a disgrace
    Why does life suck?
    No one gives a fuck
    One day we will all know what it is about

    Chorus x2

    Verse 2

    Life is just a game that
    You have to take in all the blame that
    drives you crazy and insane that
    you wanna drink and drive in the rain
    I didnt tell you about suicidal matters
    Life is a ladder
    You climb it and when you're mad, you fall
    To females, first theyre bridal
    then theyre suicidal
    Y ou gotta recognize it
    Then legalize it
    You havta know it
    Then you gotta be it
    Lets take this as an example, you fire gun
    Everyone runs
    You see one person laying down motionless
    You check for a vital sign, he is lifeless
    All thugs will or have came to this point
    Then they feel numb on all their joints
    What is life about?
    I gotta shout
    I take in my breath
    Why is there death?
    We may never know

    Chorus x4(vocal fade)


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