What is going on?

Okay, so for the past week or so I have been having a problem with the forum. I can click on every different section of the forums, but when I click onto a thread, this pops up...

Is it my computer? Is it the browser I use? It is annoying as shit.


Sorry the pic is so small when you click on it. If I need to, I can upload a bigger version.

Any help would be great. Although I am sure it is something simple. Ha.


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Looks like it's a problem with your computers DNS cache:

1. Open Run
2. Type "cmd"
3. Type "cd c:\"
4. Type "ipconfig /flushdns"

See if that fixes it.
I tried and it said I need elevation to do it. Does that mean I need to be on the admin account? Because that is where I am.

It's weird, this is the only site that does it.


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The other alternative is to cycle the power to your router and/or cable/dsl modem. Just turn them off, wait for a minute or so and then turn them back on, modem first and once that's up and running then the router.