What is faith ?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by ChinUp, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    What do you think faith is ? .. can faith exist outside of religion ?

  2. Shwa

    Shwa Gay As Fuck V.I.P. Lifetime

    Kind of a "Catch 22" question really, can you have faith in something or is faith more based off a person or ideal?

    For myself, I believe in the Catholic teachings....about 20% of it, the rest is purly on my own intuition. I havemy own boundry line with religion and choose to believe whatever feels right with my mind and heart. I think people can have faith outside of religion too, just to be positive and have an open mind about their lives that they done always need to seek comfort from religion.

  3. oxyMORON

    oxyMORON A Darker Knight

    Sure faith can be outside of religion. I could have faith in my favorite sports team winning the championships this year...It's just someting you wish could happen.
  4. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    Is this how you see faith Shwa' --- >

    like wishing hard that your ball team will win the league trophy ?
  5. tipsycatlover

    tipsycatlover Registered Member

    What an odd question?

    Have you ever tried to do something you never tried before? Have you ever had faith in yourself that you would do it successfully? I don't think that any athlete would ever win without faith.

    Faith is an essential part of risk taking.
  6. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    I Wholeheartedly agree with you .. what i find curious is how people use the word faith to avoid risk taking .. take faith in myths about creation for example .. how can that really be an example of faith .. when all it really is, is replacing a mystery with an answer that cannot be proven .. perhaps people are in truth confused as to what faith actually is .. seems to me if you aren't having to face uncertainty & talking risks .. faith isn't really present .. it baffles me how people can call things faith that IMO in reality aren't examples of faith @ all
  7. tipsycatlover

    tipsycatlover Registered Member

    Faith is certainty in the absence of any proof. I don't believe in literal biblical creation myself, but I can see that it takes as much faith to believe in evolution. Look at the kind of faith it takes to believe in global warming. How many people have that faith? Much of science takes as much faith by a true believer than any religion.
  8. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    Are you sure your not confusing a belief & faith ? I don't see faith as sticking to an answer that I cant prove personally .. thats what i call a belief ..
  9. tipsycatlover

    tipsycatlover Registered Member

    Are they synonyms in the dictionary? Although somewhat different. Can you believe that something is so, without having faith that it is? Both faith and belief are used to stick to a point that cannot be proved personally. Isn't a belief based on faith. I don't believe in the current theory of global warming but for those that do believe, don't they believe because they have faith in the politicians and political hacks that tell them it's real?
  10. ChinUp

    ChinUp ¤ Breathe

    I was under the impression beliefs are the product of faith .. that faith in & unto itself is the ability to deal without an answer .. to cope with uncertainty .. that beliefs are byproducts of faith .. our need to have answers to lean on as a result of 100% faith being terrifying ..

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