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What is currently the biggest problem facing the world?

What is currently the biggest problem facing the world?

  • Overpopulation

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  • Global Warming

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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The World is facing a lot of problems in this day and age, and in your opinion what is the biggest one and why?

I'm going to make a poll with a few choices and a other option.

EDIT: Please do not question the choices I've put in the poll, if you don't agree with them, then don't vote for them. That's why I posted a other option.
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Registered Member
Humans - They destroy everything including themselves.
Yes, this could be true. But- without them, how do "we" exist?? We can not live by ourself, we can not function. We have to have each other.
Come on, how would we sex it up?? :lol:
(God I'm a sicko today)


I'm going to say humans as well. There are a lot of problems but we are the root of each of them. So yeah, mankind is the Earths biggest issue right now.


Registered Member
Apathy, Intolerance and closed mindedness. I don't think it is people so much as the 'way' people are. As humans, we are a rather selfish lot and for the most part out for ourselves.


Embrace the Suck
I would have to say those with the minset that we as humans are somehow destroying ourselves and the planet. That to me has to be the biggest problem.


Registered Member
Yep humans! But not their presence or their brains. It's those select peoples that display rudeness and selfishness. Now if we are talking about the "biggest problem" to planet earth....I would say too much waste derived from materialism.


Son of Liberty
yeah I fail to see how "Humans" is even a tolerable answer. Thats more of a copout than an answer. The "We destroy everything" answer is not entirely true. Thats a mindset issue, not a species issue. Humans are also creators, improvers, thinkers, and appreciators. If you want to focus on the only aspect of humans as "Consumers" well then every species is considerably consumers. Without consumption life doesnt function. Its a necessary evil in the circle of life.

To me the biggest issue is Religion. With so many styles, tastes, and flavors of Religion, I feel the vast majority of them are built upon taking the others down. The majority of our history's wars were fueled by feuding religions.

Now dont get me wrong, I'm not saying Religion is inherently evil or wrong. I do strongly believe that Religion is a necessity for alot of people. However I am strongly against the idea of "Damming" people for not being a part of a particular religion. This goes for every single one of them, I'm not trying to be Jingo about this because I truly feel every religion has a dark side that paints the others in a dark, unaccepting light.


Registered Member
The question is problems facing the world, i fail to see how religion has an affect on this world other than the conditions of human lives. Can you give a few examples of what humans have done to improve this world? which doesn't include the improvement of their own existence.