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What is best for Photoshop work?


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all.. I would like to know what all of you would use or recomend for use with photoshop?
Trackball or optic mouse. Or is there something better?

BTW: I have to use my laptop for photoshop right now. Evil is down again :mad:


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Optical hands down, for sure, no doubt about it. The only thing better than an optical mouse is a drawing pad with a stylus. Those are kind of expensive though, and you probably don't need one anyway.

You can get different levels of optical mice though. The higher DPI it can sense the better it will be. :)


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Yep, I've got to agree with Andrew on this one. Optical mouse is the best way to go with Photoshop.

I would think that a trackball would be very difficult to use for some of the features. That's too bad your system is down and you have to work with a laptop on a Photoshop project. I don't know if I could work with a laptop-type screen and keyboard setup in Photoshop. Maybe my eyes are getting out of shape, but I really need to up close and personal when I'm working in Photoshop and I just don't have the same resolution on a laptop. But I digress ....

Definitely for me it would be an optical mouse versus a trackball. You have my sympathies :)


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Optical, optical, optical...definitely optical. Trackball mouse, what's that?:lol: Seriously, I can't even remember the last time I used a trackball mouse. I don't think I'll ever trade in my optical!


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Last time I tried to use a trackball was a long, long time ago too. I used to use a touch pad thing (I'm sure there's a technical name somewhere but I don't recall it right now) on laptops and even got one for my personal computer a few years ago, but I found it too tough to switch from one to another during work hours or from the office to home.

Of course now that I work for myself, I guess I could do anything (wallet permitting) but I still like the reliability of a corded mouse and keyboard. Plus I have everything set up just as I like it, so old habits die hard.


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I've had to use my laptop for Photoshop a lot in my lifetime because of a lack of funds for a new desktop computer. I'd definately go with an optical mouse, but a higher-end one. Don't buy a el-cheapo optical mouse because it's sensitivity wouldn't be what you're looking for for high-end graphics work.