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What influenced you to leave your last job?


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A few of you who follow me on Facebook probably know that this year has been a bit of a trainwreck for me in terms of careers. Since January I've switched about 3 jobs. In the beginning I was pretty excited for my last job and moving full time into finance, but that was super short lived. The more time I spent with my boss, the more I began to understand why his company had such a high turnover rate.

For one thing, the micro-management at that job was out of control. I would constantly have this man standing behind me and critiquing every little thing I would do - how I typed too fast or how I chose to use the tab key to move about rather than reach for the mouse. I was also encouraged to break collection rules and harass customers because he was too cheap to hire a legit collection agency. That, I was able to tolerate but eventually it got to the point that he'd ask me super inappropriate questions about my personal life. Asking stuff like why I wasn't married or when I planned to get married, what my parents thought of me not being married at 28; he even intruded on my lunch break once to lecture me about how important it was for me get married and if I didn't by the time I was 32, my options in men would be limited (because without a man I have no identity of my own) and if I couldn't find someone, then he'd set me up with someone he knew. I even had to play taxi driver for his fat lazy wife and my gas mileage was never reimbursed. I wasn't allowed ANY time off - not for when my boyfriend needed to be picked up from the airport or even my doctor's appointments. The final straw came when I found out that this scumbag had a voice recording cameras set up all over the office. I had no idea all my private conversations with my boyfriend (which was nothing more than me bitching about how terrible it was to work there) were being eavsdropped on. I only found out AFTER my boss confronted me about my conversation. I called him out for not only being an unethical, unprofessional douchebag but also for breaking numerous labour code and wiretapping laws. He asked me to resign the next day. Haha.

TL;DR Version: Former boss was an unprofessional asshole who eavesdropped on everyone's private conversations via hidden cameras.

Share your horror storie with me!


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The only reasons I’ve left my previous jobs(since I’ve been working with the Government) is that my contracts expired and they couldn’t renew it.
The only reasons I’ve left my previous jobs(since I’ve been working with the Government) is that my contracts expired and they couldn’t renew it.


Living in Ikoria
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I've been lucky to never have to leave a job due to any problems. The job I'm in now I've now been doing for 5 years. My boss is great and I'm liked in the organization so I think I'll be staying for at least a while. My last job before was just part time work as a supervisor of an ice cream place here in St. Louis. I had left that because my health problems started getting bad and I had to focus more on my studies than anything else while that was going on. Luckily I had the support of my family at the time financially, and the employer themselves were great and acted as a reference for my main career job now. Outside of those two jobs I've actually only worked on campus when I started going to Mizzou right after high school, and that work only ended because I left the school when I started getting sick in the first place.


My last job was perfect. Great co-workers (well, at least 2 of them), decent pay and excellent hours. Unfortunately, my boss got sick (turned out to be terminal), so he shut the place down and sold it off.


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I left my last job for so many reasons. A co-worker made $4 more per hour than I did with less experience (it was his first job, actually) and he just didn't care. He has terrible work ethic. He didn't do his job. Management would constantly talk about how much of an idiot he was. When I asked about a pay raise, I was told that wasn't an option.
That was just the final straw. It was a joke of a company.


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I got told that I would never get the promotion they had been promising me for years because I was too valuable in my current role and they couldn't afford to lose me. Of course, that was off the record because they aren't actually allowed to say that to you (at least not in the UK). They also promoted people to do the job I was doing at the same wage, despite them not having any experience and refused to give me a pay rise when I bought this up. The most recent promotion before I left they gave to someone vastly less qualified than me and absolutely fucking terrible at her job. AND made me work under her. I went home and updated the CV, applied for 7 jobs, got 3 interviews and landed the first job I interviewed for. The whole process took a month, and then another month to work out my notice period. So glad I left, that place was fucking toxic. My new job is great - better paid, better benefits, less hours, flexible hours and I can work from home.


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My last job was a shining example of what to watch out for when working for a family owned and operated company/business. I worked for a contents insurance company with the owner being the older sister, her other sister manager, her daughter head of on-sight team and her other sister living in Florida working from home. At first it was nothing but easy work, and still was, but there was little to no attention paid to the employee's, pretty much they made us feel like drones while they took frequent liquid lunches and prescription meds.

They had little interaction with us, and would always micro manage us and one another to the point there were constant arguments between the sisters and the niece, it was highly unprofessional. When we moved into our new building we hired two individuals, one a president for the company and another our advertising agent. Both of whom were terminated from their last place of employment for being caught with their pants down together, and now they're side by side at the office with everyone just shaking their heads in disgust.

All in all, they abused their privileged of being owners and if you weren't f***ing up (literally) the corporate ladder or in the family bloodline, you were f***ed no matter how good you were. I left that company to go to another with several others, and we enjoy it here much more.



Creeping On You
My last job at barkman concrete was bullshit. I worked there for 3 years. I was the lead hand in my department and did pretty much most of the work, cause i was good at it, could do it fast, and so they just kept piling on more and more. I figured, fine, whatever, since i'm doing great work, they'll give me a raise. So i did the grueling work for 3 years, to the point where i actually could barely do the work because of how much it hurt my hands and back, so finally they gave me a raise. 25 cents. from 13 to 13.25 after 3 years. I left early that day, and didn't come back. Didn't give notice, didn't tell the boss. Just grabbed my stuff and went home. Got home, emailed my older brother who's the production manager where he works, and since he was hiring summer workers, he gave me a job. It was minimum wage job but it was enough to pay my rent at least whilst i job hunted lol. Not that i jobhunted the entire time i was there. I didn't start jobhunting till that fall like a week before my brother was laying off his workforce for the winter season. So eventually I sent an application to the job I'm at now. I didn't neccesarily have all the requirements they wanted, but enough to get the interview lol. And then of course I nailed the interview, I've never not lol, and they ended up actually offering me a bit more than the starting wage to make sure I accepted the job offer lol. Its still just a labour job, but in the 2 years I've been here, I'm already many many strokes above what I was earning at the last job, and there isn't even as much physical effort required, moreso just brainwork! So yah, definite improvement.


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8 years is the longest I have been anywhere. I keep expecting to go longer but the world turns, companies go out of business, or get bought out.

Even in the job I thought I was most secure in, I was let go after 8 years, despite being the only person who knew 3 extremely diverse computer systems (still haven't met anyone else who does all three) they let me go because

"You're not the manager we want you to be."

I'm not a manager. I was the systems administrator. I didn't run the IT department, just the systems.

I worked at Univac for 8 years, they merged with Burroughs and became Unisys. Shortly after, they said they were closing R&D and offered me a job in Detroit working on printers. I passed.

Been at my current job 7 years. Starting to look over my shoulder.