What if you were next?


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I wouldn't be in a talent show in the first place, unless I could show off my complete lack of it.

That vid is, however, farkin' sweet.


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If I was after him, instead of doing my act, I'd flash my boobs.
HAHA, the first thing that came to my mind was, eh, just do a little strip tease.

No, but in all reality. Yes he is good, but I have a couple classical pieces on the piano that could rival that if I was practiced up, so yes, I'd still go on.
Well, since if you are in a talent show, you know who is going when and what they are doing, I would change my talent to playing that song on Guitar Hero on the easiest difficulty.


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If i went after him then I'd just have fun with my act. Or do the DK rap in front of the whole school that'd be awesome too, if you are going after something like that you'd better just make it really funny but at the same time look skillful.


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Most highschool students can't appreciate good music, so considering it's a highschool talent show, it's not so threatening. Either way, I'd be in a talent show to have fun, rather than show off and win.