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Discuss what if you knew you weren't loved any more?


Registered Member
I found out the other day that someone was just playing games with me. I'm usually a very truthful person and this hurt me way to much. I didn't exspect that someone I thought that cared for me didn't really care at all. Sort of made me feel not loved any more.
Still not sure what to do or say to this person. I thought my life was going will but, this just depresses me to no end. Maybe what a friend said to me about wearing my heart on my sleeve is right.
I guess I knew I wasn't loved by this person but, being used and played with. Just plain out confused and upset. Not sure what to do now. Or maybe I should say shame on me.:shake:


Sally Twit
If you knew they didn't love you why did you stay? You must have known you'd end up hurting even more by doing that.

I wouldn't have time for someone who just wanted to play games. If I loved them and I knew they didn't feel the same then I'd have to end it.

I am sorry you have had to go through this as I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Just be glad you got out when you did.


Registered Member
Some people are cruel and manipulative. It hurts, but at least you're not investing more into a relationship with that type of person. And you know that there are other people who genuinely DO care for you.


Lion Rampant
Aw, sorry that you're feeling so bad. It's easy to think, looking back, that we 'should have known better' in situations like yours, even though there's always some element of risk where relationships are concerned. There's no shame in pinning hopes and dreams on someone who says all the right things at first but who ultimately disappoints. The only shame would be if you let the incident discourage you from taking the chance again down the road when a good opportunity arises.

Logically speaking, the fact that you're hurting over this loss after the fact indicates that you still want love and have love to share. And it doesn't often get handed to us. Only being unafraid and putting your heart out there will give you that chance. So, what did you really do wrong?

Life goes through ups and downs, mostly ups. Feeling depressed at a time like this is more normal than not, but in all likelihood, if you could look a year or so into the future and see what awesome things were waiting there, you wouldn't feel half as bad.

It sucks to be in between loves, but it's a damn sight better than being past any and all.


A Darker Knight
The proper thing to do is get away from the person who treated you like that. But that's easier said than done. If you still have strong enough feelings for him, then you'll most likely do the opposite of what you should be doing.

Basically everything you want to still happen probably won't and your efforts will be better off saved for another time. Your feelings will tell you to keep trying and hope, but deep down there's a good chance you know what you need to do already.


Registered Member
If they didn't care about you then they weren't really who you were looking for, right? And they're def not somebody you need.
People like that only cause other people pain and you're better than that. Don't stop looking and don't let them get in the way. There's someone out there for everyone and you'll def find the one you need... just keep looking.
Btw, it'll help if you can get a little pissed off at them instead of feeling sad. :) That can help you understand how unimportant they are.