What If Scenarios


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That's because of the huge contracts they had at that time (pretty sure that was on Bischoff's doing as most of those contracts were ridiculously expensive). Vince preferred to use the top guys that earned less money at that time. Vince wouldn't have needed to turn so many guys from WWF to the Alliance if he had the top WCW guys.


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It was cause on how bad the match was that truly killed the Invasion Angle worse than what it could be. Booker is a good wrestler but Bagwell forget it. Booker couldn't get a good match out of Bagwell


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Here is one that should be intersting: What if The Curtain Call Never Happened? I think it changes the Monday Night Wars in some ways. Maybe Austin 3:16 is not born & WWE ends up losing Monday Night Wars. Triple H was planned to win KOTR in 1996 till that Curtain Call. Had it not happened Trips wins KOTR & his push starts in 1996 not a year later. Who knows what becomes of Austin if Curtain Call never happens. Like to hear your thoughts on this @Babe_Ruth @Millz @Mossow @EdgeHead
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Oh yeah for sure. Something as little as Michael Hayes telling Austin (after he got back from the hospital thanks to Marc Mero) that Jake Roberts cut a religious promo on him was HUGE. If that didn't happen, Austin 3:16 probably doesn't happen.

But without the curtain call we don't even get to that point in time either.