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What If Planet Vegeta was never destroyed?

  • Thread starter kajin_phoenixlord
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How would you think the universe would turn out had Planet Vegeta hd not been destroyed? Personally I think the whole galaxy would probably be in total havoc.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I think so aswell, everyone who was on that planet was ruthless, and they probably all on planet earth and challenge Goku, cause they would feel is power level, because he's the strongest one, and they would try and destroy planet Earth.


Ms. Malone
I think they'd be at war with a rival race that's similar to the Saiyans and they'd battle all over the universe on different planets (but mostly Earth)


Registered Member
No doubt the planet would being total havoc. But Goku and the gang could easily beat them all imo.


Goku would be on the bad side! He wouldn't have bumped his head when he was little because his dad wouldn't have sent him away as a baby to save him from Frieza! With Goku being Goku...I don't think him or Vegeta would have reached SS cause neither one of them probably would have talked to about doing it! He would just be off destroying planets and selling them like all the other saiyans do when they grow up!

Anonym0uz Bitch

Goku would not be on the bad side, he'd be sent away regardless, and Frieza would eventually just destory them later, him or King Kold if he saw them becoming to powerful.