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What I think of you. (Special dDave collectors edition)


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I figured why not. Cons (excuse me... Merc) thinks that I should be more active anyway.

So let's give it a shot. What do I think of you?

This should stay fairly clean and uplifting unless Swift decides to post here.
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You took my lashing, now it's my time to take yours. Gimme all you got, big boy!


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Goat head brave dDave, hero chosen by the gods ;)


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Impact - - I don't know you all that well (though you've been around GF long enough.) I need to make more of an effort to get to know you. You seem like a really nice person and I know that you're a quality poster. Let's talk sometime ok?

Echoes - We definitely have a lot in common, we enjoy a lot of the same video games and hiking. Overall you're a very nice guy, and like myself can get a pretty big ego about things that you're sheerly dominant with (Pacman being the only example I have for that). I've really enjoyed getting to know you pretty well over the past 4 years. Your gaming skills are really awesome though (I'll give you that). You also have incredible taste in video games. I really like how you use the English language correctly, you come across as very sophisticated, I appreciate it when people do that.

Steve - A computer junkie like me, you're a super nice guy, a lot of fun to talk to about pretty much anything. I've definitely enjoyed the chats that we've had over the years. You don't seem to game quite as much as you used to, but your company is enjoyable at pretty much any time.

viLky - You have incredible taste in video games, Nintendo might as well be your middle name. You're a really nice guy, never quick to judge and always looking for the fun. You make a great addition to this forum and I hope you don't go on another leave of absence.
SmilinSilhouette - You're another guy that I really enjoy interacting with here at GF. Your political views are sound and you're always sure to bring all possible logic into the equation. You're a really nice person and you respect others even in heated debate about very divisive topics.
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Thanks. I actually game a lot but I don't post in gaming much and only stick to a few games.


After what I said to your brother, I guess you have the worst about me. lol.