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What I think of you [Merc Edition]


Problematic Shitlord
Yeah, this is going to end well.

I'm blatantly copying Impact and vilky here so go ahead and post if you really want to know what I think of you. If you care that is.

EDIT - Also, this isn't "Nice Merc" here. I'm going to be honest with you. If you're posting here, you're asking for honest thoughts. That's not to say this is "Mean Merc" but you get it, right?


Elly - Like a few people here, I couldn't stand you when you first joined. I thought you were ignorant and self-important. Being an English major and thus a snob about my own language, it bugged me that you couldn't communicate so well. But like most minor things, I got over it pretty quickly and after talking to you a lot more and reading more of your posts, it's upsetting to know you live so far away. Like a good number of members on GF, you'd easily be someone I'd call on the weekend to hang out with. You seem like you have a free spirit and a similar sense of humor to mine. All in all, I'm glad you stuck out some indifference at the start, because I don't think GF would be the same without you.

Elly, the invoker of the drama llama.

Echoes -
I've never had any disrespect for you despite the few times we've butted heads. I've been mad and annoyed with you but I always return to respecting you. Like myself, you've been here a long time and that's dedication I admire. I think in person we'd click pretty goddamn well and I could certainly see myself grabbing a few beers and shooting the shit with a guy like yourself. Here's to hoping we can get another GF meetup sometime this year that works for us both. Online interactions are limited so I'd look forward to the opportunity to know you further. Like you have in the past, I'm always willing to listen when you have shit you need to deal with and I hope I've helped in the past. Lastly, you seem to be someone I can relate to since you appear to take the things and people you are passionate about to new and deeper levels. It's also a plus when someone can take my shit and not hold it against me.

Nothing but bromance for you dude, even if it doesn't always show.


Impact -
As big of clowns as we are towards one another, you're one of the members I'd like to get to know a lot more. As with most people I get along with, I think our sense of humor mesh well and it makes us easy to get along with each other. In the past I haven't been too sure of what you've thought of me and at times I was convinced you hated me. It didn't bother me at the time but that's because I didn't know how awesome of a chica you truly are. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet you and I hope our relationship only grows more and more. I don't really have much to say to be honest, I simply think you're awesome.

Bliss -
I'm not going to sugar coat anything or evasive. There was a time I thought you were a stone cold cunt, a mean and miserable wretch with an extremely sensitive sense of self worth. We got into it on several occasions and we've tried to mend things before. It was only months ago that I really began to give you a better chance in my head because you had admitted to me that you had a tendency to take things quite seriously even when in hindsight, you realized they weren't. I began to realize giving you the benefit of the doubt and the chance to improve our relationship (along with my own efforts of course) was the only rational course of action. Even if we never got along ever, I'd at least find a way to be civil with you. I think you still have some mean moments but I think deep down you're like myself. You secretly can't stand being put down, it gets to you and stays with you and won't go away. So you compensate with aggression. Yet, there's also a silly, whimsical side to you that you really enjoy and I think in many ways you've learned to harness the best of both realms. I still think you have some work to do, but overall I like you much, much more than I did during these past two years when we really got into each others' faces. I also feel you've given me more opportunity to impress you as well and I thank you for it.

Lastly, I think you just need to understand that my sense of humor is rude, brash and unapologetic like your own. I'm rarely serious when I insult or joke but if I am, I'd be honest about it.


Ddave - I've never had a single negative thought towards you or about you and if I'm mistaken, it's because it wasn't anything worth worrying about. You seem like a pretty decent guy and your posts are always polite and informed. You take peoples' opinions seriously and you put significant thought into your replies. You're also a fellow nerd like myself so I can't help but enjoy your company. Although, I do believe you're a bit distant and we don't always see you around but hopefully that changes.


- GF's funny man, I know I've seen you in serious discussions before but you're definitely in your element in sub talk. You frequently give me what the intertubes describes as "epic lulz" and you tend to be the one that helps break the ice or kick the humor up a notch. Like Dave, you're simply someone I've never found a reason to dislike. You seem to get on with everyone quite well but there's an intelligence there I think doesn't get through often enough. I'd enjoy seeing you around more serious discussions more often just to hear your insights.


- You just want me to say I love you and want to be with you. Because you totally want my rod. But in all seriousness, as Lauren (Imp) mentioned in her thread I was a bit put off by you when you first joined but your ability much like Dabs to withstand the subtle and sometimes clear dislike you got made me admire you. Sometimes a bit quirky for some, I think you're a personality GF needs and another in the fairly small crowd of people who get along with nearly everybody.


- I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but I barely know you. What I do know is that people seem to think very highly of you and I always see positive comments. I don't think we've been properly introduced and if we have, I'm sorry! I'll picture you as a trailer for an epic movie until we get the chance to know one another further. I'm on AIM under T3h Mercenary if you ever want to chat it up.


- You've gotten a lot of hate from a lot of members and you've often been the topic of dirty and rude conversations. You and I had a few pretty bad run ins early on and I think we got a bit too heated and rude in our discussions. Recently, I think I've begun to understand you further. I'm not thrilled with what you've chosen to do with yourself but I recognize that drive to do whatever necessary to accomplish your goals and sometimes I wish I was much better at that. As I've told you in private before, do what you want but be proud. If you can't go to bed at night content with who you are then you need to move on. Nevertheless, I wish you the best and I'm always here to listen should you need it.

- I see you much like I see Sui (which is serious compliment since Sui is my brocrush) in that you both are capable of incredible depth and intelligence in your posts and possess that rare talent of seeing through the garbage and even changing peoples' minds. You're calm, collected and funny all while remaining friendly with pretty much everyone. I don't see you around too often and much like Storm, I really hope to see you in MD a lot more, we need much more of that cool intelligence to put out the fires.


- In the Pretzel/Sui class of poster, you're not afraid to speak your mind but you do it with class and a polite and friendly demeanor. I do think at times you back down too quickly or you don't stand up enough for yourself. You give off a vibe of being a genuine nice guy which GF needs. Other than that, I don't have much to say. I have a lot of respect for you and I'm also glad you're able to take a joke since sometimes people are unable to do so.

- You're adorable! Other than that, I am sorry to say you're another I do not see around often but I hear good things about. Like many of GF ladies, you've got that spunk in you that makes this place fun to be around. Here's hoping I see you around more! I'm always open to chat and as with Dez, if you have AIM hit me up and we can get some introductions done!

- Apparently you know already, guess it would be a waste of my time.

It's precisely this kind of attitude that has made me lose a very, very high amount of respect for you lately. We've often had clashing opinions but never have you been as antagonizing or rude as you have been these past few months. I don't know why, I don't know if I was just not seeing it before but I genuinely think you've changed and I've had people agree with me recently on that assumption. I hope things are going good in your life outside of the net because it seems like something has changed in you and it's not for the better. You used to be a very respected voice around here but I think lately you've regressed. A year ago, I'd list you in my top five members on the forum but now I don't know where you'd be. Part of me is still holding onto that respect I once had, hoping it will turn out you've had a rough year and things have just been weighing on you and you'll return to the poster you used to be.

I think somewhat like Bliss (and someone mentioned this already) that you look a bit too deep into things and take things a bit too severely sometimes. I'm not referring to the bit with you and Chaos either. Also, you're also very quick to anger and get defensive lately. You seem to have developed a much more serious tone and while that may be good for some things, it's not something I'd call flattering as of late.

- You're a fat, furry drunken Canadian. And that's just your tits. You're another guy that helps keep this place standing and I'm glad to see you've recently stepped up your game when it comes to moderating. I think a lot of people view you as the 'easy one' and to me, that's not a good trait. But as I said, I think you've begun to get a bit more firm lately and I'm glad to see so. You can't please everyone all the time even if you try because you'll always end up upsetting someone. But I really appreciate the effort you make to help people and make sure they're happy and comfortable here. You're a personable voice when everyone else is cold and distant.


Steve - You and I are a lot alike in a lot of ways. I think it's why we get along well. Neither of us like to bullshit people and neither of us will back down when pushed around. We speak our minds and we don't give disclaimers or sugar coat. That being said, I think like myself, sometimes you exaggerate on things because you want that attention you rightfully deserve. That's not saying you're an attention whore or anything, I just think you get lonely and it is a terrible feeling. But you seem like you're an excellent father of a beautiful child with a crazy mother. I really hope you find someone to help you and to be the one that you really do deserve because you're an awesome guy with a lot to offer a woman.

A definite person I'd like to meet.

Not much else to say, I love you man (no homo).
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Sally Twit
You might not care to know what I think. But I am brave enough to hear your thoughts on moi.


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I gotta get in on this action.

But I've come prepared. :jihad:


AKA Ass-Bandit
Eh, fuck it. Give it to me straight, doctor.


I'm serious
Because I am a sucker for punishment, I'll take the bait.


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okay, I am curious.